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Efficient use of energy, together with increased adoption of greener energy sources, has become a necessity throughout the manufacturing and service sectors.

EfficientEnergy.net is a website that provides professionals with up-to-date news and information on a range of energy-related topics, components, equipment, materials and services. It also provides a database of equipment suppliers and services.

Saving energy and money

One reason for saving energy is to reduce your carbon footprint, but there is another that can bring an immediate and direct benefit: less expenditure on energy results in lower operating costs.

Energy efficiency can be considered either when planning new projects or as a way to reduce existing overheads. In the latter case, even a small capital expenditure can deliver a rapid return on investment. And for those organisations that are restricting capital expenditure due to the current economic climate, there are ways to save energy without having to purchase capital equipment.

Whatever your circumstances and whatever business you are in - including industrial, commercial and the public sector - EfficientEnergy.net will have something to interest you and help you save energy.

Message from the publishers

In May 2017 the publishers decided to cease operating the EfficientEnergy.net website and publishing the monthly email newsletter.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported the website and newsletter over the last eight years.

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