Roller door save energy, lets the light in but keeps rodents out

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A high-speed industrial roller shutter door, newly installed at Brita Water Filter’s busy manufacturing and logistics centre in Bicester, has been shown to reduce energy losses, improve safety through higher natural light levels — and keep rodents out

Roller door save energy, lets the light in but keeps rodents outBrita's Bicester manufacturing site supplies the company’s global distribution network, so has a constant flow of goods inward and outward throughout its five day working week. At goods inwards there are four loading bays fitted with dock levellers, plus one level travel route into the building.

Warehouse Manager, Bryan Edwards, says that efficiency and reliability of the loading bays are key to smooth operations throughout the whole plant. He says: “The level bay has an outer roller door plus a PVC inner door. “Originally, the latter was transparent but, after many years of operation, it was turning opaque. This meant the loading bay lights were switching on automatically more and more often, and I was also beginning to worry that door’s reliability would become an issue. So I started to look for replacement options.”

Edwards approached several potential suppliers, saying he required a high-quality solution that was suitable for temperature control, to improve energy efficiency and ingress protection, with a particular emphasis on rodent control. One of the companies interested in the project was sara LBS, whose Area Sales Manager, Alan Ryder, instantly appreciated that the busy site would require a solution which would reliably perform multiple cycles per day for many years of operation.

He assessed the situation and realised that a sara LBS Sprint 392 roller shutter door would provide the ideal solution. However, instead of simply submitting a proposal, he arranged for Edwards and some colleagues to visit a number of actual Sprint 392 installations in the local area. This demonstrated the quality of the product and the effective seal that it produces when close — and also confirmed the operational reliability and energy performance.

Fast operation with improved safety

The sara LBS high-speed range of Sprint fast-action doors couples quick opening speeds with improved safety and is suitable for both internal and external applications. Special features of the Sprint range include the sara LBS non-contact travelling safety beam, which is fitted as standard and provides a high level of safety for personnel and equipment. The drive on the Sprint includes sara LBS’s patented MCC Vector Frequency control system, which facilitates the fast operating speeds and reliability by optimising the acceleration and deceleration rates to reduce wear and tear. Brita was impressed by the installations it saw on its visits and decided to specify the Sprint 392 with a transparent curtain.

At 4.5m high and 3.5m wide, Brita’s actual door opening is quite large, and the acceleration/deceleration profile was worked out to give a top speed of 3m/second to ensure rapid operation. The seal was tested to ensure rodent proofing, particularly at the bottom profile. On average it opens and closes 20 times a day, five days a week and is expected to have a working life of 10-20 years.

“We had to schedule the fitting to suit our production requirement, which sara LBS was easily able to manage," says Edwards. "Fitting took three days and was without trouble. Long term we have seen energy savings and perfectly reliable operation, but the immediate thing everybody notices was the clarity of the PVC curtain. This lets in so much more light that our overhead lights were rarely coming on and the improve visibility ensured safety and a pleasant working environment for our people.”

18 July 2016

sara Loading Bay Specialists Ltdvisit website
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