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Having seen the recent news that Google lost data at one of its data centres in Belgium after lightning struck the local power grid, I feel it’s time for a discussion about power quality.

Due to the strenuous power demands generated by data centres they require closer attention in terms of protection against the adverse effects of power surges or shortages. Although the Google centre had taken the necessary steps, it was still affected by the lightning strikes to the power grid.

This is just one high profile example of how poor mains power quality can have a detrimental effect on businesses if not properly protected. We operate in a digital age where the safe management of electronically stored data is paramount. Local and national power suppliers need to step up to the mark and do more to ensure businesses are protected and have access to reliable electricity. I think it’s time for a wider discussion on how more can be done in this regard, don’t you?

Steve Hughes

REO (UK) Ltd



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