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Thermal fluid heater plays key role in mill's exhaust systems
Laminate production benefits from efficient thermal fluid heater
Energy efficient heaters keep bitumen temperature constant
Boiler brings higher efficiency to plastics processing plant
Efficient heaters cut energy use and emissions at bitumen plant
Boiler plays key role in treating oil-contaminated wastewater
Rental service allows users to trial process heating systems
Efficient heaters bring energy savings to yarn plant
Steam generator at the heart of CHP system
Babcock Wanson awarded Carbon Trust supplier accreditation
Steam generators save energy at food plant
Boiler and control package reduces yeast production costs

Application Stories

Boiler's key role in board plant expansion
Heaters provide an efficient solution at bitumen plant
Efficient boiler plays key role at AD plant
Thermal fluid system lowers energy and maintenance costs
Process heating efficiency brings savings for wire manufacturer

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