Report analyses Mild Hybrid 48V vehicle market developments

19 April 2017

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A new research report into Mild Hybrid 48V vehicles from IDTechEx looks at how the markets and technologies will move over the coming years. Original IDTechEx tables and infographics pull together the analysis. 'Mild Hybrid 48V Vehicles 2017-2027' embraces market forecasts for 48V systems in cars and for the different types of electric car which compete with 48V systems to replace conventional cars.

New, original figures for the addressable market for 48V cars are plotted alongside the figures likely to be achieved for this period. The 48V technology roadmap by IDTechEx is put in context by overall electric vehicle technology trends in infographics. Based on Volkswagen methodology, the four generations of 48V system are scoped in time, this extra information from IDTechEx giving a wider opportunity than that normally addressed — for example, many forms of multiple energy harvesting and recuperation will be enabled.

The report includes a technology analysis with a look at the synergy with 48V pure electric powertrains — the widening range of 48V parts being added to the basic 48V systems is investigated as they progress towards 48V alone. The relevance to small vs large cars and premium vs mainstream cars is clarified by year then the progress with the different building blocks is examined in depth.

In particular, the reversible torque assisting motor generator is examined, comparing the different options being pursued such as permanent magnet vs switched reluctance synchronous and the option of asynchronous. Throughout, the views and forecasts of leading vehicle manufacturers and their Tier One suppliers is surfaced as well as those of the innovative small companies.

The component analysis is thorough, embracing, for example, lithium-ion vs Advanced Lead Acid batteries and what comes after them. Latest progress with the most significant collaborative programs is revealed and the proliferation of energy harvesting and recuperation options is studied in detail.



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