Improved performance for power conversion technology

28 April 2017

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Improved performance for power conversion technologyBelgian power and electricity specialist CE+T today announced new functionality for its Enhanced Conversion Innovation (ECI) technology, including multi-source and multi-directional power conversion. The new and improved ECI technology offers bi-directionality and multi-directionality on every converter, bringing improved capabilities to modular inverters and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), with enhanced flexibility and improved efficiency.

With three high-efficiency — up to 96 per cent for AC/AC and 94 per cent for DC/AC and AC/DC — energy converters, the upgraded ECI is said to allow unlimited new energy conversion possibilities, such as peak shaving, phase-balancing, high-quality battery management and tests, and energy restitution to a micro-grid and/or a battery.

“The upgraded and improved ECI is unlike any other technology on the market since anything is possible in terms of DC to AC and AC to DC power conversion,” said Olivier Bomboir, VP Product Management and Business Development at CE+T Power. “For example, the new features allow for ECI modules to be used for critical back up, such as a hybrid system where AC input feeds both the AC and DC loads while charging the battery. If the AC input fails, the battery can still supply both loads.”

ECI can also perform energy management, as it can feed both the micro-grid and the AC load from the battery. Peak shaving can also be managed by limiting the power taken from the AC input, and instead the extra power will be taken from the DC source and sent to the load.

“The ECI can benefit any business application, such as securing power for data centres, micro-grids and industrial or commercial infrastructure, or for bringing more flexibility in electrical, telecommunication or data-grid distribution. We can’t wait for our customers to reap the benefits from the ECI’s new bi-directionality feature,” said Bomboir.

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