Fluenta launches pre-shipping flow meter calibration facility

02 May 2017

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Ultrasonic measurement and management technology company Fluenta has launched an internal flow calibration facility for accurate calibration of customer flow meters. The facility offers the capability to accurately calibrate flow meters at the Fluenta factory before shipment to the final destination.

Fluenta’s gas flow meters use ultrasonic technology to deliver accurate measurement of flow against all temperatures and flow levels. The ability to calibrate meters in the factory ensures a faster and more effective set up on site, as well as the highest levels of accuracy. The new flow calibration facility provides an exceptional level of reference meter uncertainty of 0.28 per cent, ensuring extremely accurate measurement of flow velocity, temperature and pressure before a meter leaves Fluenta’s factory.

This calibration capability is seen as particularly relevant for customers who require above standard accuracy without having to invest in third party certification by industry bodies — using fluenta’s flow calibration facility, flow meters can be calibrated to achieve uncertainties of below one per cent.

“Accuracy can be challenging in flow measurement during periods of low flow velocity or where temperatures vary,” said Fluenta CEO Sigurd Aase. “Offering our customers the ability to calibrate meters before they leave the Fluenta factory means they can be confident they will receive the most accurate and consistent readings possible.”



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