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Editor: David Keighley
14th November 2012

The UK is about to get smarter about the energy it uses. Announcing the next stage of the Government's planned smart meter roll-out at the recent Smart Metering Forum in London, Energy Minister Baroness Verma said that some 53 million smart meters will be installed in UK businesses and homes by 2019.

And while the Government "recognises that the roll-out poses some challenges", she maintained that the programme will bring about real and substantial benefits to consumers - "which is the heart of the smart meter programme". Government is also to publish new rules for smart meters on privacy and security, while a Central Delivery Body is planned with the aim of building user confidence and understanding.

Meanwhile suppliers are awaiting the announcement of the Government's decisions on the second version of the Smart Meter Technical Specification. This is expected shortly, along with establishment of the new central Data & Communications Company and a smart energy code governing the relationship between the D&CC and its service users.


roRiello opens Power Centre for UPS training
Riello has launched its own training and demonstration suite to showcase live UPS systems, demonstration units and monitoring packages. More?

ecSustainability seminar puts focus on voltage optimisation
EMSc is to host a sustainability seminar to focus on the role voltage optimisation can play in a sustainability strategy for carbon reduction and lower energy costs. More?


mnPM motors designed to provide high efficiency levels
NORD has expanded its fast assembly service for efficient ATEX geared motors to include Gas Zone 1 and 2 and Dust Zone 21 and 22 for ratings up to 18.5kW. More?

miInverter upgrades meet specific water industry use
Upgraded inverters from Mitsubishi now include functions dedicated to meeting specific water and pumping sector applications. More?


vmIntegrated solution for energy savings in buildings and IT
Verdiem's new VBOX hardware/software and its Smart Buildings solution can bring energy savings through integrating IT and building management systems. More?

agIntelligent pump system adapts for optimum HVAC control
Armstrong's efficient IVS variable speed pumps adapt to changing building use and avoid the over-sizing 'energy efficiency trade-off'. More?


srOptimised drive systems a route to greater vehicle efficiency
Automotive sector supplier Schaeffler outlines new developments in vehicle drive systems that can lead to improved economy and lower emissions. More?

abPOD Point and ABB collaborate on vehicle charging network
Electric vehicle charging specialist POD Point is collaborating with power and automation company ABB to provide networked rapid vehicle chargers. More?


ilSoftware platform helps co-ordinate energy supply and demand
A smart grid software platform from IPL allows producers of renewable energy to co-ordinate effectively with the wider distribution network and with energy storage. More?

enUPS developed to maximise energy efficiency in IT applications
For IT and facilities managers facing rising energy costs, Eaton's 9PX UPS can offer electricity supply protection through high power density and effective power use. More?


mnCeramics provide high level of insulation for solar equipment
Morgan Thermal Ceramics has introduced a range of ceramic insulation products specifically to meet the needs of the solar power sector. More?

cpWhole Life Costing - making the case for CHP
Rising fuel costs and the need for clean, efficient energy has put Combined Heat and Power systems firmly in the limelight. More?


dsFunding for business/college energy efficiency partnerships
Seven new university and business research partnerships in sectors including energy efficiency and advanced manufacturing have been announced. More?


eaReport highlights potential savings of smart energy policy
The potential for huge energy savings if a 'smart' solutions policy is implemented on the UK electricity network is detailed in a report by the Energy Networks Association. More?

David Keighley

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