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Editor: David Keighley
11th July 2013

The European Parliament's decision to support the 'backloading' of CO2 Emissions Permits in an attempt to encourage the move from fossil fuels towards renewables has drawn a mixed response from industry. The decision, by 344 votes to 311, holds around 900 million carbon allowances off the market - and has brought an immediate rise in the carbon credit price.

Criticism of the decision came from major energy user UK Steel, where Director Ian Rodgers described the move as "only a short-term sticking plaster. If anything it will be counter-productive, because interfering with the market sends the wrong signals. It is now clear that the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) in the long term needs fundamental review. It is not working on several levels, including for energy intensive industries."

However, at the European Wind Energy Association, senior regulatory affairs advisor Remi Gruet said that EU vote "will give a small boost to the carbon price, but most importantly it will build confidence in the ETS. It is crucial that the EU Member States now agree backloading as soon as possible. Then the EC should propose a 2030 climate and energy package with headline renewable and greenhouse gas reduction targets."

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peOn-line 'Lessons' offering a sustainable building resource
Construction and property consultancy Pick Everard has completed a three-year project that allows designers to share sustainable building know-how. More?

feEnergy Resource Centre offers information to tackle waste
Fluke has launched an Energy Resource Centre, an interactive knowledge base to help facility managers both identify and quantify energy waste. More?


acPermanent magnet motor key to compressor efficiency
Atlas Copco's in-house manufactured permanent magnet motor plays a key role in the high energy efficiency level of its new variable speed drive compressors. More?

ikVS drives reduce energy use on MoD 'Spend to Save' project
Variable speed drives from Invertek are helping the MoD make significant cuts in its £1m a day spend on heat, light and power. More?


wsWireless BEMS brings major cut in energy costs for retail chain
A web-enabled wireless Building Energy Management System from WEMS is producing average energy savings of around 18 per cent for a major UK retailer. More?

dsRetrofit PIR control unit cuts lighting energy consumption
IP66-rated Batten Mount PIR from Danlers is designed to mount onto a batten style luminaire to allow a retrofit upgrade to an existing lighting system. More?


icCoating protects and increases efficiency of fuel cell plates
Bipolar plates in a pioneering type of high-efficiency vehicle fuel cell have been coated with Ceramic MaxPhase material provided by Impact Coatings. More?

dtLighter components aim to improve vehicle fuel economy
DuPont's new technology and material solutions for automotive 'lightweighting' are helping vehicle manufacturers to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. More?


hlCity centre complex saves energy through IT and control upgrade
Honeywell has delivered operational and energy savings to a city centre retail and leisure complex by upgrading its IT network and business critical control system. More?

ctEnergy calculator aims to serve up £250m saving for UK caterers
The Carbon Trust's new energy calculator is designed to save the UK catering industry up to £250m per year in fuel costs through optimised equipment use. More?


scSoitec aims for even higher efficiencies from PV solar cell
A new 'four-junction' PV solar cell from Soitec has achieved a high efficiency level of 43.6 per cent, with the company now setting a 50 per cent target. More?

sxMixing systems help maximise performance of waste and AD plant
System Mix has developed pumped mixing systems to help maximise the performance of waste and anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities. More?


psFinance scheme means energy savings pay for efficient lighting
Under a new finance initiative introduced by Premium Lighting Services, the cost of an efficient lighting installation is paid for entirely by energy savings. More?


biBSRIA aiming for heat pump accreditation standard
BSRIA Cert is currently undergoing accreditation to allow it to certify heat pumps under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). More?

David Keighley

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