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Editor: David Keighley
9th May 2013

Despite a 20 per cent reduction over the past two decades in UK CO2 production emissions - from industrial production, transport and burning fossil fuels for electricity generation - the latest report from the Committee on Climate Change shows that the country's carbon footprint has actually gone up by ten per cent due to 'imported emissions' through increased imports. Now, CCC Chairman David Kennedy points to "the essential role of a global deal to drive emissions reductions across countries".

The Carbon Trust has broadly welcomed the report. But James Wilde, the Trust's Director of Innovation and Policy, said: "While we agree that a global deal to drive emissions reductions is important, it is our experience that such a deal will never replace action at local level by governments, business and consumers.

"Businesses can benefit by measuring and reducing the carbon embodied in their supply chains and by communicating this to consumers through product carbon labelling."

For further information from the Committee on Climate Change, visit the CCC website at


rdAll-Energy event set to put on its biggest show
This month's All-Energy event in Aberdeen features products and services from 580 exhibitors, plus over 320 conference and seminar speakers. More?

ecSeminars highlight the need for effective energy management
Energy management company EMSc is to host a series of CPD (continual professional/personal development) seminars over the coming months. More?


ioServo drive offers integrated control and BASIC programming
With BASIC programming and machine and motion controllers built-in, Inmoco's new servo drive does away with the need for a separate controller or PLC. More?

boMonitor keeps compressed air systems at peak efficiency
By monitoring up to 12 output points on a compressed air system, Beko's DS500 monitor enables operators to carry out audits on a range of key parameters. More?


psImproved energy savings from super-efficient LED lighting
Philips says it has created the world's most energy-efficient LED lamp suited to general lighting applications. More?

wgEfficient inverter drive designed for HVAC control
Designed for HVAC and general applications, WEG's CFW501 inverter range consists of compact, easy-to-use drives in the power range of 0.18 to 7.5kW. More?


abLatest DC fast charging station to support next wave of EVs
ABB's Terra 53 50kW CCS DC fast charging station is compliant with BMW i3, Volkswagen e-up!, e-Golf and other CCS cars expected from autumn onwards. More?

fsProject to monitor impact of EV charging on supply networks
A UK 'smart grid' project has joined forces with an EV recharging network to monitor the impact EV charging could have on electricity networks. More?


giEnergy logger offers easy measurement of power use
An energy logger that safely monitors power usage of individual devices and complete premises/installations has been introduced by Gemini Data Loggers. More?

erManagement system highlights on-site energy wastage
An 'action orientated' approach to energy management that lets staff maximise and maintain energy savings has been launched by Elster EnergyITC. More?


knKingspan to launch 15kW wind turbine at All-Energy event
Wind turbine manufacturer Kingspan Wind is launching its much anticipated KW15 turbine this month at the All-Energy Exhibition and Conference in Aberdeen. More?

nePV system harvests unwanted heat to provide hot water
A solar energy system that harvests unwanted heat from a PV cell and uses it to heat water has been developed by Guildford-based Naked Energy. More?


feET100 Environmental Technologies index launched by FTSE
Index provider FTSE has launched a top 100 listing to rank companies in the renewables, alternative energy, environmental, water and waste, sectors. More?


deGovernment sets out next steps in its low-carbon heating policy
The Government has set out the next steps to ensure affordable, secure, low carbon heating plays a key role in the UK's commercial and domestic energy mix. More?

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