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Editor: David Keighley
12th June 2014

Small and medium-sized businesses in the energy sector are seen as having a vital role to play in helping the UK triple its low-carbon exports. A report written by the Carbon Trust and commissioned by Shell Springboard has looked at the growth of over 180 low-carbon SMEs and found they are far more likely to export than SMEs in other sectors.

To help achieve future growth potential, the report identifies major opportunities in four promising markets it calls 'the MUSTS' - Mexico, the UAE, South Africa and Turkey. All are seen as having a favourable business environment, including a strong demand for low carbon goods and services.

"The UK has a must-win opportunity to ensure our vibrant low-carbon sector grows rapidly and continues its exciting export success story," says Carbon Trust Chief Executive Tom Delay. "Grabbing this golden opportunity with both hands will help the UK's economic recovery by delivering new jobs, generating growth and by expanding UK exports."

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eeSpeaker line-up announced for The Energy Event 2014
Keynote speakers will join over 80 industry leaders and policy makers on the two-day programme of CPD-accredited seminars at The Energy Event 2014. More?

sxWhite Paper shows energy saving potential of microturbines
Details of how microturbine technology delivers electrical energy savings for steam system operators are shown in a White Paper from Spirax Sarco. More?


uaIndustrial shredder provides flexibility and energy savings
Powered by an efficient Eco Drive system, UNTHA's new industrial shredder is designed for alternative fuel production and treating municipal solid waste. More?

biModern gearbox design delivers cost savings to wastewater sites
Brevini's Technical Manager, Jim Norton, looks at the efficiency potential of current gearbox designs when operating in the wastewater sector. More?


rlEfficient cooling technology reduces data centre's PUE
Rittal's energy efficient cooling technology has reduced the PUE at the latest Node4 datacentre at Northampton. More?

acPackaging plant compressor heat helps cut college heating bill
Compressor heat generated in a Northern Ireland packaging production plant is helping to reduce the heating bill of a neighbouring college. More?


ccRegister improves Virgin Trains' environmental compliance
Train operator Virgin Trains has improved the way it navigates complex energy and environmental legislation by using a new legal register from Cedrec. More?

srSchaeffler takes a key roll in Ford's ACTIVE programme
Automotive component and systems supplier Schaeffler has become one of 11 UK-based partners in the Ford-led ACTIVE advanced engine project. More?


hcEffective heat recovery from compressed air systems
Recovery of much of the heat produced by air compression offers potential for significant energy savings, says HPC Compressed Air Systems. More?

enReport warns of increasing risks from power outages
Eaton's latest 'Blackout Tracker Report' warns of the rising risk of power outages as the UK faces a diminishing energy capacity margin. More?


vnExpanded PV solar charger range offers users a wider choice
Power solutions provider Victron Energy has introduced four new models to its ultra-fast BlueSolar charge controller (MPPT) range. More?

mlData loggers designed to future-proof PV monitoring
Launched at Intersolar, the latest data loggers from meteocontrol aim to offer PV system operators a future-proof monitoring and control capability. More?


egScheme ensures CHP users don't miss out on incentives
Cogeneration specialist ENER-G has launched a service to ensure that UK CHP users don't miss out on currently available financial incentives. More?


beBOGE adopts ISO 11011 for compressed air energy audits
BOGE Compressors has adopted ISO 11011 Standard for all Compressed Air Energy Efficiency Assessments to enable users to optimise their energy use. More?

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