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Editor: David Keighley
10th December 2015

Procurement managers and maintenance engineers are coming under increased pressure to reduce costs. But you can't calculate savings based just on the purchase price of new equipment alone. At transmission and fluid power specialist Brevini, UK sales manager Dave Brown has been looking at the question of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), that near-elusive figure that brings in purchase price, running costs such as energy efficiency, and the cost of ongoing maintenance.

Of course there's no point paying for a level of performance you don't need by specifying a component that's over-engineered for an application, says Brown. The challenge is finding "the sweet spot" that keeps the accountants happy while ensuring long-term, reliable and efficient performance.

It's here that suppliers can really add value to their service, he says. You can read more about this here.


umOfgem funding for Electricity North West's Celcius project
Energy regulator Ofgem has awarded £5.2m funding for Electricity North West's Celsius project that will prepare the region for renewable energy. More?

icTests validate efficiency of pumped heat storage system
Tests on two 'thermal stores' have demonstrated the high energy storage efficiency of Isentropic's standalone electrical energy storage system. More?

ecECA encourages Treasury to toughen ESOS reporting regime
Businesses taking part in the Government's ESOS scheme should face a tougher reporting regime says the Electrical Contractors Association. More?

edEcobuild conference seeking insight into future-proof businesses
Next year's Ecobuild event will highlight the next generation materials and practices that will help future-proof businesses in the construction sector. More?

gtFunding for research Hubs to address manufacturing challenges
Science Minister Jo Johnson has announced funding for two new research Hubs that will help industry capture opportunities from emerging research. More?


sxMonitoring system boosts steam-to-hot-water efficiency
A new Spirax Intelligent Monitoring System control panel has been designed to boost the energy efficiency of EasiHeat steam-to-hot-water systems. More?

sxEnhanced HMI offers expanded functionality
IDEC's latest HMI can increase process control efficiency by communicating with up to three different control protocols simultaneously. More?

ndInverter/geared motor combinations bring servo-level performance
Advanced frequency inverters and geared motors from Nord can be combined to offer servo-levels of performance at competitive cost. More?

egEfficient CHP system achieves significantly reduced emission levels
New ultra-low NOx Combined Heat and Power systems (50kWe to 230kWe) from ENER-G offer up to a five-fold reduction in emissions. More?

srSchneider launches range of efficient variable speed drives
Two models make up Schneider Electric's new Altivar Machine range of efficient VSD's, aimed primarily at machine manufacturers. More?


fgUnplanned downtime at thermal paper plant cut by fan monitoring
FAG SmartCheck Systems from Schaeffler are monitoring fans at a major paper plant and helping to optimise production and reduce downtime. More?


evExploring the efficient uses of side channel air blowers
Side channel blowers are an effective way to produce clean, dry compressed air, says Adrienne Houston of EuroVacuum Products. More?

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