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Editor: David Keighley
11th June 2015

Small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK are being encouraged to tackle the issues of carbon emissions and energy efficiency - and even ISO accreditation - by taking a series of small steps that do not need to be costly and will achieve the essential 'buy-in' from stakeholders and employees.

Energy data management provider IMServe says: "There is a range of energy and emissions-led policies which apply to SMEs and not complying with this legislation will result in fines and can damage a company's reputation. However, once you are complying you are well on your way to achieving ISO accreditation and turning these policies into a green agenda. While complying with environmental legislation may seem daunting, there are many simple changes that can be made to easily achieve these goals."

IMServe's seven tips for 'going green' range from making the best use of data to engaging staff into an energy-saving programme.

You'll find more information on this topic here.


eeStronger conference planned for The Energy Event 2015
This year's The Energy Event will see a stronger conference and seminar programme and a new series of hosted meetings with energy suppliers. More?

ctCarbon Trust and E.ON to expand SME Carbon Network
The Carbon Trust and E.ON are to expand and enhance the SME Carbon Network, which helps SMEs reduce their energy use. More?

eeEnergy Institute launches 'toolkit' to aid ESOS compliance
An energy-saving online toolkit and advice service has been set up by the Energy Institute to help businesses comply with ESOS legislation. More?

gcGaelectric and Tesla link in multi-battery energy storage scheme
A power transmission 'pipeline' of multiple battery storage projects is planned by energy storage company Gaelectric and Tesla. More?

enImproved pump performance from electrical/hydraulic merger
Eaton is merging its electrical and hydraulics capabilities to offer VSD pump solutions for improved machine performance and energy savings. More?


prLow-loss transformer meets new efficiency standard
Powerstar's HV MAX is a super low-loss amorphous core HV transformer combined with the company's voltage optimisation technology. More?

sxFlow computer makes it easy to check steam boiler performance
The Spirax Sarco B850 Flow Computer enables steam system operators to measure boiler efficiency without the need for SCADA systems. More?

sbLightweight ISO cylinders can increase process efficiency
New from Festo, DSBG large diameter lightweight ISO cylinders enable machine builders to optimise their systems for increased efficiency. More?

cdData management system an aid to improving energy efficiency
COPA-DATA's zenon Energy Data Management System is designed to help implementation of productive energy management. More?

hlSmart building technology aids effective facilities management
Honeywell's Command and Control Suite can turn complex facility data into recommendations and easy-to-implement changes. More?


abMoD reaps benefit of energy-efficient lighting installations
Installation of Energys Group's New Vision range of LED lamps at multiple MoD facilities has paid for itself in less than 12 months. More?


acPowerful case for adopting compressed air energy recovery
Adoption of compressed air energy recovery is building gradually in the UK, says Atlas Copco's James Houseman. More?

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