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Editor: David Keighley
8th October 2015

A survey of manufacturers by energy provider npower has revealed the extent to which a significant number of companies are concerned about UK energy policy, with topics such as investment in renewables, excessive bureaucracy and the lack of influence that business has over issues such as the Climate Change Levy and the Carbon Reduction Commitment high on the list.

While manufacturers welcome changes to simplify the energy landscape, these cannot be made at the expense of encouraging green energy, says npower's Director of Markets and Innovation, Wayne Mitchell. "The Government must maintain the balance between reducing the regulatory burden on businesses and providing incentives for investment in renewables."

With the Chancellor promising to review the issue of business energy regulation, a consultation exercise has been launched to sound out the opinions and concerns of UK industry, in particular any changes to the CCL and CRC.

You can read more about this here.


rkRenewables sector seeks DECC review of FiT pre-accreditation
UK renewable energy companies want the DECC to review its decision to remove preliminary accreditation from the Feed-in Tariff. More?

buHybrid roof system provides hot water and low-cost electricity
Brunel University scientists have designed a hybrid roofing system that could halve energy bills in new-build homes and business premises. More?

axDebut for 'Power over Ethernet' low-cost lighting system
A radical PoE lighting installation to be unveiled this month will set out to show the energy saving potential of smart connected lighting systems. More?

cdOnline resources offer advice on ESOS and EAS compliance
To prepare companies for ESOS and EAS compliance, COPA-DATA has launched two new online information platforms. More?

cuBiodiesel yield increased by use of waste-recycling catalyst
Researchers at Cardiff University have devised a way of increasing the yield of biodiesel by using the waste left over from its production process. More?


miInverters combine optimised control with higher energy efficiency
Mitsubishi's energy efficient FR-F800 inverters bring optimised speed control and connectivity to a wide range of industrial applications. More?

sxWireless system saves energy by accurate checks on steam traps
STAPS Wireless monitoring system from Spirax Sarco offers a quick, easy way to implement continuous monitoring of entire steam trap installations. More?

hcAdvanced control from compressed air management system
SAM-2 compressed air management system from HPC monitors and records data relating to all components of a compressed air installation. More?

orApp allows faster analysis of power quality data
Outram Research's PMGateway app allows the company's power quality analysers to be interrogated quickly by an Android phone or tablet. More?

laNew generation of heat pumps designed for increased efficiency
Latest high-efficiency Esi and Emi ground source heat pumps by Lampoassa have been introduced in the UK by Finn-Geotherm. More?


sdFuel handling system plays key role in biomass plant operation
Saxlund International has developed a fuel reception and handling solution to provide an uninterrupted feed to a major UK biomass CHP plant. More?


btSaving energy through correct process valve selection
Assessing an existing process control structure and looking at alternatives can often identify energy saving initiatives, says Burkert's Neil Saunders. More?

David Keighley

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