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2017 Archive

Issue 73 9th March 2017 Keeping a check on building energy costs
Issue 72 9th February 2017 Investing during the energy price 'breather'
Issue 71 12th January 2017 Manufacturers want UK energy policy spelled out


2016 Archive

Issue 70 8th December 2016 Managing risk in the 'energy lottery'
Issue 69 10th November 2016 Funding backs energy efficiency projects
Issue 68 13th October 2016 Using 'carbon psychology' to shrink energy bills
Issue 67 8th September 2016 A final chance for ESOS registration
Issue 66 11th August 2016 Getting smarter about energy
Issue 65 14th July 2016 Effective energy monitoring in four steps
Issue 64 9th June 2016 Navigating changes to energy legislation
Issue 63 12th May 2016 Are you missing out on ESOS energy savings?
Issue 62 14th April 2016 Business support for energy legislation changes
Issue 61 10th March 2016 Guaranteeing long-term energy security
Issue 60 11th February 2016 Increasing supply chain efficiency
Issue 59 14th January 2016 UK wind energy sets generation records


2015 Archive

Issue 58 10th December 2015 Finding the TCO 'sweet spot'
Issue 57 12th November 2015 Concern over Climate Change Levy policy
Issue 56 8th October 2015 Business seeks input on energy policy
Issue 55 10th September 2015 Energy sector goes on show at the NEC
Issue 54 13th August 2015 A smart response to winter power threat
Issue 53 9th July 2015 The business response to sustainability
Issue 52 11th June 2015 Bridging the renewables sector skills gap
Issue 51 14th May 2015 Renewables lobby quick off the post-election mark
Issue 50 9th April 2015 Bridging the renewables sector skills gap
Issue 49 12th March 2015 UK loses its renewables investment appeal
Issue 48 12th February 2015 Lower fuel costs no substitute for efficiency
Issue 47 15th January 2015 Buckling down to an energy strategy


2014 Archive

Issue 46 11th December 2014 Making sustainability resolutions for 2015
Issue 45 13th November 2014 Choosing a route to energy-saving compliance
Issue 44 9th October 2014 EEF warns on upgraded EMS standard
Issue 43 11th September 2014 Energy now a key issue at board level
Issue 42 14th August 2014 Towards the circular economy
Issue 41 10th July 2014 Act fast to save energy with ESOS scheme
Issue 40 12th June 2014 SMEs’ key role in UK low carbon exports
Issue 39 8th May 2014 Move to simplify energy purchasing
Issue 38 10th April 2014 Can flexibility beat the energy price lottery?
Issue 37 13th March 2014 Survey identifies energy efficiency trends
Issue 36 13th February 2014 Save energy by tightening up on HVAC
Issue 35 9th January 2014 Saving energy through employee involvement


2013 Archive

Issue 34 12th December 2013 Renewable energy - at what price?
Issue 33 14th November 2013 Audits can reveal hidden energy savings
Issue 32 10th October Industry reports barriers to green finance
Issue 31 12th September 2013 Energy managers' priorities revealed
Issue 30 8th August 2013 Report shows increasing UK use of CHP
Issue 29 11th July 2013 Backloading vote boosts carbon credits
Issue 28 13th June 2013 RHI tariff review for business projects
Issue 27 9th May 2013 Reducing carbon in the supply chain
Issue 26 18th April 2013 Curbing energy contract rollovers
Issue 25 21st March 2013 Planning an energy policy
Issue 24 21st February 2013 EEF calls for Government low carbon vision
Issue 23 17th January 2013 Funding to boost bioenergy technology


2012 Archive

Issue 22 13th December 2012 Bank opens for 'green' industrial investments
Issue 21 14th November 2012 UK gets smarter over energy consumption
Issue 20 18th October 2012 Change in renawables policy announced
Issue 19 20th Septembert 2012 Industry driving renewables demand
Issue 18 16th August 2012 Less red tape and additional finance
Issue 17 19th July 2012 Going for green growth
Issue 16 21st June 2012 Minister's commitment to UK renewables target
Issue 15 17th May 2012 Making the low carbon choice
Issue 14 19th April 2012 London summit tackles clean energy
Issue 13 15th March 2012 Sticking to renewables targets
Issue 12 16th February 2012 Plan B for Feed-in Tariff scheme
Issue 11 19th January 2012 Smart Grid needs to get even smarter


2011 Archive

Issue 10 15th December 2011 Coping with the aftermath of COP17
Issue 9 17th November 2011 Big energy users in league of their own
Issue 8 20th October 2011 Seeing through the green daze
Issue 7 22nd September 2011 Setting a Carbon Target
Issue 6 18th August 2011 Employers call for CPF relief
Issue 5 14th July 2011 Warning over 'carbon bubble'
Issue 4 16th June 2011 Concern over Feed-in Tariffs
Issue 3 19th May 2011 UK's green energy potential
Issue 2 14th April 2011 Decision time for the CRC scheme
Issue 1 17nd March 2011 News from industry


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