Compact chokes go on show at PCIM Europe

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Compact chokes go on show at PCIM EuropeCompact, low-loss chokes for frequency converters and other drive technology applications are being shown at this year's PCIM Europe in Nuremburg by SMP Sintermetalle Prometheus (SMP), the manufacturer of Inductive components and soft-magnetic materials. These chokes have a space-efficient design and good EMC characteristics.

Frequency converters have installed the chokes both at the input, where they provide power recovery, and at the converter's output, where they act as filter chokes. Because of their space-saving design and low-noise operation, SMP's chokes are also used in frequency converters' internal DC links, as both single and common-mode chokes.

The components' cores consist of powder composites with low magnetostriction, which SMP specifically engineers for each application. With their low eddy current and hysteresis losses, the materials contribute to the components' high level of efficiency. Their encapsulated design ensures that the components emit only low-intensity stray fields — another requirement in frequency converters — which allows other components to be placed in close proximity to the choke without running a risk of magnetic interaction with the choke. And with their compact design, SMP's chokes occupy about 25 per cent less space than conventional components.

Wide applications range

In addition to drive technology, chokes from SMP are used in industrial applications in power electronics, automation and signal processing, in railway technology, electromobility, maritime and medical engineering, for renewable energies as well as for conventional energies, and in the aerospace industry.

The components are designed for currents up to 3000A and frequencies up to 500kHz — and in special applications even up to 2MHz. SMP uses powder composite materials that have been developed and manufactured entirely in-house and feature lower eddy current and magnetic reversal losses. These materials have a high saturation induction of up to 2 Tesla.

Components can be manufactured with dimensions ranging from 19 to 300mm, weighing from 0.05 to 130kg, and up to temperature class H (up to 180degC). Depending on the application, protection classes up to IP66 are available. All components are RoHS and REACH compliant and CE and EAC certified, and the materials used are UL-listed.

27 March 2017

SMP (Sintermetalle Prometheus)visit website
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