New ring main unit offers greater flexibility

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New ring main unit offers greater flexibilitySchneider Electric has introduced a new ring main unit for medium voltage networks up to 13.8kv. An evolution of the existing Ringmaster RN2c, RN2d has been designed for indoor and outdoor use with reliability, safety, longevity and smart integration in mind.

The accessories and new design offer greater flexibility with multiple applications and configurations — its compact and flexible design makes it easy to operate and maintain, while minimising the installation footprint. The RN2d serves multiple industries and can be used anywhere, delivering optimal performance in harsh climatic and environmental conditions.

RN2d features includes cable boxes internally rated at 13.1kV, a touch-proof metallised screen tank, Energy Networks Association notice of conformance (ENA TS 41-36 Ed 3), new clear and unambiguous mimic, and standard operating voltages down to 3.3kV

Its robust switch and breaker mechanism has been designed for reliability and endurance — it uses type ‘C’ bushings with multiple cabling options, and VIP4 series self-powered microprocessor-based protection relays for transformer protection up to 3.5MVA are also included. The earth circuit for the latest Ringmaster has been relocated inside the equipment, to deter theft and minimise interruption to operations.

The RN2d can be used in conjunction with Easergy T300, a feeder automation RTU, for smart, advanced network management. Having role-based access control, it is compliant with the latest cyber security standards and offers directional fault passage indication and wireless LV monitoring to meet the needs of the modern distribution network.

John Langley-Davis, product marketing manager at Schneider Electric, said: “Our customers are looking for high quality, safe and versatile ring main units that can stand the test of time and withstand challenging environmental conditions. We have used our experienced and the latest design and modelling technologies to provide this reassurance. One of the greatest benefits of the RN2d is that it combines over 20 years of Ringmaster excellence with smart technology, enabling advanced communication when used with the Easergy T300.”



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