Efficiencies improve pump lifecycle costs

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Efficiencies improve pump lifecycle costsNew Tango range of pump solutions from Armstrong Fluid Technology offers highlevels of efficiency with built-in parallel sensorless pump control, motor efficiency exceeding IE4, embedded intelligence and connectivity, together with innovative design for ease of maintenance.

These capabilities, when combined, can deliver energy savings of more than 30 per cent, says Armstrong, significantly improving lifecycle costs.

The new Tango pump solutions are the latest addition to the Armstrong Design Envelope portfolio of fluid management systems for HVAC applications. Designed for all variable speed operation in the 1hp to 10hp range, the new Tango solutions are fully-integrated parallel pumping modules offering significant reductions in size and weight, and greatly improved efficiency, with particular advantages for applications where full duty standby would traditionally be installed.

Each Tango solution features two pump heads with built-in parallel sensorless pump control integrated as standard. This optimises hydraulic performance, providing three to six per cent improvement in efficiency. In addition, the new iECMTM permanent magnet motors, with higher rpm and integrated drive and controls, deliver levels of energy efficiency in advance of IE4, providing another two to seven per cent efficiency improvement.

Optimised energy efficiency

Importantly, the Tango range offers a replacement for traditional full-duty standby pump configurations in that the optional blanking plate enables on-going single pump operation during servicing and maintenance, with automatic optimisation of energy efficiency. The actual capacity of a single pump is far greater than expected — 2 x 5hp motors with one motor operating and one shut down, for example, delivers 82.5 per cent of capacity rather than 50 per cent. This means that highly cost-effective and efficient parallel pumping configurations can be specified and installed, avoiding the increased financial outlay and space requirements associated with traditional full duty standby.

Tango pumps also benefits from high levels of pump management, made available by the latest generation of Armstrong Design Envelope solutions — wireless connectivity and on-board web services are provided as standard across the full product line.



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