Efficient LEDs offer choice of performance and cost

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Distributor Mouser Electronics is now offering OSRAM DURIS E 2835 LEDs in two output versions of 0.2 W (3V) and 1.0 W (9V) to give designers choice of performance and cost. The 0.2 W LEDs feature higher luminous efficacy, as well as lower power dissipation and lower luminous flux, while the 1.0 W LEDs feature higher luminous flux, lower luminous efficacy, and higher power dissipation.

Both versions are housed in a compact surface-mount package and offer a wide 120-degree beam angle at 50 per cent luminous intensity. The LEDs also offer illumination colour options of warm white, cool white, or neutral white (2700K to 6500K) with a minimum Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80. They can withstand up to 2kV of electrostatic discharge (ESD) voltage according to ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001 (HBM, Class 2).

The 0.2W LEDs are ideal for linear and area lighting fixtures and T8 tubes, while the 1.0W LEDs versions are suitable for lamps and consumer downlights and fixtures. The 0.2 W LEDs feature typical luminous efficacy of 150 lm/W at 5000K and luminous flux of 27 lm at 5000K with forward voltage and current of 3.0V and 60mA. In contrast, the 1.0W LEDs have lower luminous efficacy of 118 lm/W at 3000K and higher typical luminous flux of 113 lm at 3000K with a typical operating voltage of 9.6V and forward current of 100mA. Both versions offer an operating temperature range of -40 to 85degC and a junction temperature of 120degC.



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