Extended boiler rental fleet can use gas or diesel power

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Extended boiler rental fleet can use gas or diesel powerAggreko has increased the size of its rental boiler fleet across Europe, providing more options for reliable and cost-effective temporary heating and hot water systems. The two new models are high efficiency 250kW and 500kW boilers that provide temperatures up to 90degC and pressures up to 10 bar, making them ideal for use across a broad range of applications, including delivering temporary heating and hot water systems, underfloor heating, process heating and cooling, heat load testing and commissioning for chiller plants.

With these new units — which can use natural or propane gas for longer-term projects, as well as diesel — Aggreko has combined an advanced dual stage burner, three-way valve system and smart controls to optimise temperature control and minimise fuel burn and emissions. The boilers are housed in a compact canopy case, which makes them easy to transport, and permits use in confined compounds, service yards and boiler rooms.

"The new high efficiency boilers extend our existing range to provide a cost-effective and versatile solution for a wide variety of heating and HVAC applications," said Chris Smith, Head of Temperature Control for Aggreko. "They are particularly suited to applications where there's a need for high pressure or accurate temperature control capabilities. In addition their small footprint makes them ideal where space is limited.

Boiler packages

"We have vast experience of designing and commissioning boiler packages across a wide range of sectors, from sporting events and ice rinks to facilities management, data centres, fish farms and construction sites. We support emergency breakdowns, planned maintenance projects or help with the commissioning of new heating systems or heat load testing of cooling plant."

Aggreko's UK development engineers have integrated three key design features to optimise boiler efficiency and minimise emissions — the three-pass flue achieves efficient combustion, stable temperatures and reduced short-cycling; a dual-stage burner matches a site's fluctuating heat requirements and achieves lower emissions at part load; and a three-way valve ensures operating temperatures are quickly achieved, while maintaining tight temperature control and reducing short-cycling.

Integrated smart controls enable the boilers to communicate with building management systems and link into other plant equipment, while regulating and stabilising temperatures and providing advanced fault- finding. A master/slave control configuration is available for cost-effective load-on-demand management of multiple boilers. And Aggreko's remote monitoring technology provides 24/7 observation of the boilers, backed by a rapid response engineering service, if required.



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