New drives and Industry 4.0 technologies by Invertek at Hannover

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New drives and Industry 4.0 technologies by Invertek at HannoverVariable frequency drives manufacturer Invertek Drives has launched a new range of outdoor rated general purpose drives and Industry 4.0 Enabling Technologies at this week's Hannover Messe event.

The new Optidrive E3 IP66 Outdoor Rated range of fast set-up, easy to use drives (pictured) boasts a range of features designed specifically for outdoor applications. Dust tight and ready for washdown duty, these drives are built with tough polycarbonate plastics specifically chosen to withstand degradation by ultra violet (UV) light, greases, oils and acids.

With Ethernet IP included as standard and conformal coating of all printed circuit boards to the C3C environmental class, developed for arduous applications, flexible communication and reliable performance are key features of this new range. Available in four frame sizes in power outputs up to 22kW the drives are designed to provide precise motor control and energy savings just using the factory settings. This includes IE2, 3 and 4 types of induction, permanent magnet, brushless DC and synchronous reluctance motors

Drive default settings are suitable for most applications, with 14 parameters for basic set up making further adjustment very simple. To make things even easier, the drives come with pre-set modes for industrial, pump or fan operation that can be used to optimise the drive set up at a touch of a button. For ultimate convenience, switched versions of the drive are also offered — simply wire up the drive, turn the inbuilt potentiometer and the motor will start running, allowing immediate energy savings.

Direct machine mounting

Suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications, including fans, pumps and HVAC equipment, Optidrive E3 IP66 Outdoor Rated drives avoid the need for expensive secondary cabinet protection and are designed for direct machine mounting if required. They also provide a very clean and energy efficient control alternative to the traditional gearboxes, belts and chains often used in outdoor applications.

Also new for 2017 from Invertek is a series of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies for drive commissioning, monitoring and communication. The new Optitools Mobile drive commissioning and monitoring app is supported with the introduction of the new Optistick Smart communication module which takes full advantage of the latest mobile, cloud-based and contactless technologies.

Optitools Mobile is an app for Android and IOS handheld devices that delivers the powerful drive commissioning, programming and parameter back up capabilities previously only available in the established Optitools Studio PC version of this software. The app allows real time monitoring of the drive together with parameter editing, parameter storage and a choice of cloud-based backups — and this all works seamlessly across the complete family of Optidrive variable frequency drives.

Finally, Optistick Smart is a new generation of parameter copying tool, introduced to match the benefits of Optitools Mobile and extend flexible communication with any Optidrive variable frequency drive. Optistick Smart can be used to create a Bluetooth-enabled Optidrive VFD simply by plugging the Optistick Smart into the front of the drive. The latest Bluetooth technology on-board the Optistick Smart then enables real time monitoring of the drive straight from your mobile, laptop or Bluetooth enabled PC, with no wires.



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