Power distribution system is both smart and small

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Power distribution system is both smart and smallManufacturers of small control panels and switchgear are being offered a new power distribution system that allows the user to mount different types of protective and switching devices onto a system, and then supply it with electrical power.

The standardised and standards-compliant technology of Rittal's RiLine Compact means it is suitable for use in control panels in both the IEC and UL markets. The system consists of a base plate, onto which fully shock-hazard protected busbars are pre-installed — these busbars can be easily reached through a grid in the top cover.

There are various adapters that makes connections easy and quick, which in turn helps installers to mount control and protective devices. In addition, there is an adapter to connect incoming round conductors, as well as a variety of slimline functional modules for motor and power control.

Rittal's RiLine Compact System is quick to set up, saving time and costs. The base plates and all the system’s components can be easily and safely installed without tools, added to which, the contact hazard protection means that the user is protected from live parts, right from the start, so improving safety for users as well as the system itself.



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